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Our mission is to provide quality and innovative products, comfortable and convenient to use.


Making Waysoon a worldwide recognized brand name for electronic products with brand image of high quality and outstanding services.


Create value for customers and opportunities for employees, create benefits for shareholders and shoulder responsibility for society.


We treat our partners with great sincerity and flexibility, to truly respect and understand their needs, we have long been aware that a lasting partnership is only possible on a win-win basis that’s why we pay special attention to assisting our partners in building their competitive advantages.

Here we also wish to express heart-felt appreciation to our partners for years of support and valuable advices that encourages us to keep on improving, we shall make extra efforts as we go ahead.


Waysoon provide a favorable environment for the growth of employees and help them to realize their potential skills, we regard our employees as the greatest wealth, and offer them competitive wages and benefits as well as healthy, happy and safe workplace.

There are different training programs and resources to increase their professional knowledge and enhance job skills; we organize group activities both indoors and outdoors every period of time to help them relax and gather more momentum; in Waysoon we encourage our employees to be passionate in work and creative in thoughts, get professional but modest, set and develop self career with the company.

Social Responsibility

Our responsibility is to work and provide service under the highest occupational standard, the moral standard, and the convention. We hold ourselves responsible for the products and services we offer and make sure they would create good value for the users and the society, at the same time we encourage Waysoon people to actively contribute to the community.

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