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FAQ for  iPhone Battery Case and Mobile Power Banks

1. What is a mobile power?

A mobile power is a portable electronic device that is a combination of a power supply and a charger. It can charge or power your mobile phone or other digital device anytime, anywhere. The storage unit is a battery, also called an external battery or backup battery, different from the built-in battery of the product.

Both Waysoon iPhone Battery Case and Mobile Power Banks belongs to the category of Mobile Power.

2. What is MFI certified, what role, what is the point?
The apple MFI certification program, Apple (Apple Inc.) Its external accessories authorized accessories manufacturers an identification license. MFI, in fact, is the apple company made for iPhone “logo abbreviation of” made for iPod “made for iPad. Significantly logo certified products available in the market there are black and white in the front of the package authorized Apple MFI LOGO.

3. Can the mobile power be submerged in water?
No! The mobile power cannot survive immersion in water.

4. Can the mobile power be placed in the sun?
It is not advised to expose the mobile power to direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to heat can reduce its performance.

5. How do I know whether the mobile power is fully charged?
Most Waysoon battery cases and mobile power banks use the built-in 4 indicator lights to indicate battery level, each representing 25% of the capacity. When the mobile power is being charged, the indicator lights will blink alternately, and then go to all solid ON when done, indicating that it is fully charged.

6. If the mobile power has not been charged or discharged for a long time, will it suffer from memory effect?
No, most Waysoon mobile power adopt lithium battery, which has no memory effect.

7. What is the lifespan of my mobile power?
It can take up to 500 deep charge/discharge cycles, after which its battery capacity will drop gradually.

8. Can I use my device when it is being charged by the mobile power?
Yes, you can use your device while charging, but the run time of the mobile power will be altered because you are consuming the battery power while using the device.

9. What does it mean by simultaneous charging and discharging?
Simultaneous charging and discharging means that while the mobile power is being charged via laptop USB or USB adapter, you use it to charge your digital device.

10. If my device is still charging after being fully charged by the mobile power, will it have serious effects?
No, Waysoon mobile power packs have a built-in overcharge protection circuit and automatic cut-off feature. Once the device is fully charged, the mobile power will automatically cut off and activate the power saving mode.

11. Are lithium polymer batteries safe?
Yes, this is one of the safest and most efficient battery technology at present.

12. Are Waysoon mobile power replacement batteries for my device?
A mobile power is not a replacement battery for your device. It mainly provides backup power for your digital gadgets. This way, you can extend the run time of your digital device while using its own internal battery.

13. Do Waysoon mobile power packs have intelligent protection in the circuit design?
All Waysoon mobile power packs have intelligent projection, so they have no overcharging or deep charging problems.

14. How can I give proper care and maintenance to the battery? Do I have to charge it for 12 hours for the first three times?
You don’t need to do so. The batteries are factory activated and have undergone aging treatment, so you can just use it as normal. The best maintenance is to charge and discharge the product fully to maximize battery cycle life.

15. What specifications should I need to follow if I purchase the USB adapter for my Waysoon product on my own?
If you are looking for an USB adapter out there, it should be noted that: the output voltage should match your unit’s requirement, and the output current can only be either equal to or bigger than required, but shouldn’t be any smaller. The input voltage should meet the wide voltage input (100-240V AC). You are advised to buy one from a renowned company instead of a cheap one. It is better if it is a brand name product.

16. Why do our batteries or chargers charge phones faster than others?
Two main reasons: first, all of our products measure up to specifications; Second, the products can provide the maximum charging power for different brands of mobile phones.

17. Are all Waysoon products polymer batteries? How are they different from the batteries used in the cheap power packs out in the market?
1) Waysoon battery cases and most power banks uses li-polymer batteries. In the market are basically 18650 batteries, which are nothing like polymer batteries in terms of safety and reliability.
2) The main differences between 18650 and polymer batteries are: 1) different limitations of shape: polymers are more flexible in design and easier to create beautiful shapes; 2) different safety and risk ratings: 18650 may explode or catch fire, whereas polymers do not unless exposed to the air; 3) different weights: polymers are lighter than 18650.

18. What does the circuit protection system of Waysoon products include?
The circuit protection includes: overcharging, over-discharging, over-current, overheating, current limiting, power limiting, voltage limiting.


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